About SeVen RoCk LiFe

March 22, 2019

About SeVen RoCk LiFe

SeVen RoCk LiFe is a "Brand" with a Story that Inspires. It's about people living that everyday life that truly are inspiring in society. Whether you're a mom, dad, kid, athlete, entrepreneur or just someone working hard everyday in this game of life, we admire you! This brand is about three things:

Victorious In Life

Contributor To Society

Fun Along The Journey

Every item bought through this 10% is donated to charities we support. If interested in following this journey subscribe to our NEWSLETTER  Thanks for your support. 


These experiences have helped create “The 7 Rocks Of Life” book & “Seven Rock Life” brand. Continuing my entrepreneur journey still while also mentoring others , Our mission is to grow “Project Impact & Charities” to make a true difference in this society. To help those less fortunate & guiding people to live a balanced life of true joy and purpose around the world. Everything purchased helps contribute to causes, charities & mission trips.

Thanks for visiting and having interest in the SeVen RoCk LiFe & Project Impact!




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