Well today is my birthday & celebrating SRL being just under 2 years old. Figured a picture on a rock would be a good way to start this email. I wanted to share this with you all so I appreciate you opening this 7 taking the time to read...
SRL began as a mindset that turned into a best selling book called “The 7 Rocks Of Life” based on a true story.
A year later the I went on a trip to Africa to help build schools and was able to donate 100 shirts to kids. When I saw how happy the kids where receiving new clothes it made him realize what clothes can do for the human soul.
After that I went on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe that next year with my brother. We were able to be in nature, surrounded by Water, Rocks & Mountains with views for days. Seeing how adventure can help the human spirit I decided to launch SRL as a leisure & apparel company.
We combined the two things that inspired me that year, the giving back of clothes & exploring nature.
Our goal at SRL is Outfitting & Inspiring The Everyday Explorer.
We are more than just a product, we are a vision to help others live a balanced life.

As a gift & thank you to you all, we are offering 

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE all weekend! 

Thanks for supporting our mission here at SRL.



Also want to give a special thank you to my parents. They did give birth to me... I hope! Both of them have been supportive of this brand from the beginning. My mom was my first helper to pack orders & still to this day loves helping! 

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